News and Updates

1- Blade - shield - 2h dmg has been down little dmg
2- spear dmg has been up little dmg
3- boss unique dmg attack has been fixed
4- Replaced Ultra (help - protect) to new chines balance buff
5- add new 9 avatars m-f (6 avatars in websilk shop)-(3 avatars in special avatars shop )
6- change job temple mobs to lv 135 and add drop arena coin - stones d16 - d16 nova drop from it
7- add pick pet for 3days in the new char's
7- fix roc time and change the gate time for (45min)
8- add scroll stat 80% weapon - shield for websilk
9- add silk scroll - websilk scroll for nereus coin in websilk shop (not enabled yet )
10- enable all battle arena with reward nereus coin
Arena random time (13:05 - 17:05 - 21:05 - 1:05)
Arena party time (15:05 - 19:5)
Arena Guild time (11:05 )
Arena job time ( 13:50 - 18:50)
11- Top hunter - top trader - top thief - unique killer - money maker systems has been fixed.

News and Updates

- You can get now Web Silk Scrolls from Boss Uniques (Tradeable)!

-Nereus Boss unique Fixed

-Grab pet in Alibaba Area & Arena Coin pick bug Fixed!

-Medusa Drop Fixed!

-Roc Unique Drop d16 Sun! Appear 2 times every week in sunday at 15:00 and in thursday at 15:00.

-Add D16 Black Sun drop with Low rate at Nereus Boss Unique, Medusa and Roc!

-Arabia mobs are Added in Bagdad with level 135! All Uniques wont get Silk directly they will drop Silk Scroll and They are Tradeable!

News and Updates

Nereus Online - Trailer

Grand Opening :12-12-2018